MoveIt! with turtlebot arm

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For source code, please see Turtlebot arm setup page

Bringup the arm

If Turtlebot already bringup, then start the arm only:

$ roslaunch turtlebot_arm_bringup myarm.launch

Or try start all(Turtlebot, kinect, astra, arm)

$  roslaunch move_and_grasp start_turtle.launch

Move arm with keyboard

$ rosrun turtlebot_arm_moveit_demos

Attention: DO NOT move the arm by hand when it is powered, otherwise you may cause irreparable damage to the arm

An example output like this:

$ ['arm_shoulder_pan_joint', 'arm_shoulder_lift_joint', 'arm_elbow_flex_joint', 'arm_wrist_flex_joint']
  [INFO] [1563869335.417028]: Joint values:
  [-0.06135923151542565, 0.35792885050664963, 0.6033657765683522, 0.5471198143458788, 0.0]
  [INFO] [1563869335.468412]: End effector pose:
    seq: 0
      secs: 1563869335
      nsecs: 465894937
  frame_id: "/base_footprint"
     x: 0.348105493
     y: 0.000539585021142
     z: 0.842247851812
     x: -0.000946584552211
     y: -0.0307807765032
     z: -0.0306601945781
     w: 0.999055353944

MoveIt! for forward kinematics

$ rosrun turtlebot_arm_moveit_demos

Try change "joint_positions" with the help of ""

MoveIt! for inverse kinematics

$ rosrun turtlebot_arm_moveit_demos

Also ,try change "target_pose" with the help of ""