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To run the code in this tutorial, you need first download the package. https://github.com/hutslib/rchome_tutorial Put robocup_vision_tutorial package in your catkin_ws.

$ cd ~/catkin_ws
$ catkin_make

You need first bringup your robot. Follow the steps in the bringup tutorial. Your need to start your camera. Take astra camera for example.

$ roslaunch astra_launch astra.launch
$ cd ~/catkin_ws/robocup_vision_tutorial/scripts

You need to modify the scripts named take_pic.py.

You need to change 


with your own img_topic and the result_path you want. 

change the image topic name
image_sub = rospy.Subscriber ("/astra/rgb/image_raw", Image, self.callback)

Then you can run the following command to test whether it works. If you see a pic taken and saved in your own result_path, it means it works ok!

$ python take_pic.py

if you want to use this function in your task, annotate the main function and create the class object in your code just as the example in main now.